Kostolac - Ćirikovac

Ash dump.

600,000 m2 HDPE membrane coating per cassette.


12,000 m2 procurement, installation and decoration of HDPE geomembrane 2.00 mm

Insulation of concrete structure and connection of HDPE pipes with flanges


33,000 m2 HDPE geomembrane 2.00mm and geotextile

Coating of profiled accumulation of antifreeze system

Kolubara - Peštan

Isolation of the riverbed during the relocation of the river Peštan.

89,000 m2 on about 4km of river length. EDPM material.


HDPE coating with 2.0 mm tailings dump.

5,500m2 lagoon of the Podvirovi mine.

Uzice Regional Landfill in Duboko

70,000 m2 HDPE geomembrane 2.00mm, GCL foil, geotextiles 400 gr/m2 and 800 gr/m2, geo erosion network

Pancevo regional landfill in Dolovo

40.000 m2 HDPE geomembrane 2,00mm

Animal waste landfills in Kać and Kisač

4,000 m2 HDPE geomembrane 1.00mm, geotextile 400 gr/m2, geo erosion network