about us

The company CUPRUM doo was founded in 1992, and during its existence and business we dealt with representation and distribution as well as installation of insulation materials.

After ten years of presence on various projects (History of the company), following the progress of modern technologies, as well as many years of experience working on the waterproofing of buildings, we opted for solutions that are the most adequate and long-lasting, and therefore the highest quality through time exploitation.

Geomembranes (HDPE, GCL, LDPE, EPDM)
Geomembranes provide a barrier function for the protection of the environment - water, soil and air - they are used as a barrier for leakage as well as containment of liquids and gases.
The use of polyethylene (PE) flexible geomembrane liners has now reached the point of almost universal application, where many projects specify geomembrane liners. Geomembrane liners are universally accepted elements of design and construction.
They are very durable, weather and climate resistant and offer resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions. At the same time, they provide security for buildings through ten-year guarantees in every sense.


SOLMAX manufactures various types of polymer geosynthetic barriers for demanding applications, from mining and any class of landfill, to the petrochemical, oil and gas industry and aquaculture.
We are official representatives of the company Solmax (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia), which is the world's leading manufacturer of geomaterials - geosynthetics, for the HDPE (high density polyethylene) program of all types and types of membranes.

Geotextiles (PP, PP-R, PES, PES-R)
Geotextiles are part of a wider group of membranes in construction, which are called geosynthetics.
They are widely used in construction, and are most often used in works such as: road and railway infrastructure, river and coastal works, flat and green roof systems, drainage, sports fields and agricultural applications.
They are packed in rolls and cut to fabric. They are usually made from a limited number of polymers (polypropylene and polyester).

Manifattura Fontana produces all types of geotextiles in white, black or multicolor variants, in different densities (different weights per m2) and in different roll heights. In addition, there are woven and non-woven geotextiles.